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Constanta - a day at the seaside

Discover the mysteries of the old fortress Tomis by visiting the most important tourist attractions in Constanta, the Casino, the Aquarium, the Dolphinarium, the Roman Mosaic Building, the Genovese Lighthouse, the Navy Museum, the Hunchiar Mosque, the King's Mosque and others.

The trip is organized only on request for 1-50 people, and the reservation shall be made in advance.

Time - 12 hours

Route Bucuresti - Constanta – Bucuresti

Schedule – daily (Wednesday-Sunday); Monday and Tuesday  is closed.

Pick-up time - 07:00 - 08:30

Pick-up location – any hotel/address from Bucharest

Professional guide available on request surcharge  - English / Italian / Spanish / German / Hebrew / French

Tourist attractions  the Casino, the Aquarium, the Dolphinarium, the Roman Mosaic Building, the Genovese Lighthouse, the Navy Museum, the Hunchiar Mosque, the King's Mosque



1-3 seats


from 245€

per tour


20-30 seats


from 495€

per tour


4-8 seats


from 295€

per tour


33-51 seats


from 550€

per tour


9-19 seats


from 390€

per tour

VISIT PROGRAM - Dolphinarium

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Sunday: OPEN 8:30-16:30

Reminder: Don’t forget the swimsuit for the beach



Entry ticket 

Professional guide available on request  - English / Italian / Spanish / German / Hebrew / French


Time marks

Transfer Bucuresti - Constanta - 2.5 hours

Visit the tourist objectives - 4 hours

Lunch - 1 hour

Other stops - 30 minutes

Transfer Constanta - Bucuresti - 2.5 hours

Total time: 11-12 hours

Hourly landmarks are approximate and depend on traffic, but also on the time you allocate to visits, meals or other stops.


The Casino building is a unique architectural monument in the country and abroad and is the emblem of the city of Constanta. The beginning of the Casino is linked to the moment when Dobrogea entered under the Romanian administration, being the first building constructed on the seashore after the end of Ottoman rule.

The Aquarium in Constanta has gathered over 100 species of fish and marine life belonging to different geographical areas. Considering ecological, biogeographical and taxonomic criteria, the Constanta Aquarium is structured in three sections: Marine Life, Freshwater Life and Exotic Fish. The Marine Section is the largest and most representative section of the Aquarium and houses species of fish and invertebrates from the Black Sea and migrant species from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Dolphinarium in Constanta is among the most visited tourist attractions in the city, both in summer and off-season. With the Planetarium, the Astronomical Observatory and the Microreservation, the Dolphinarium is part of the interesting Natural Sciences Museum Complex in Constanta, located at the crossroad of Mamaia Boulevard and Soveja Street.

Located in the city's old center, an emblem of the inter-culturality of Dobrogea, The Carol Mosque was built between 1910 and 1912, at the initiative of King Charles I and became an architectural monument, being one of the most beautiful and imposing historical buildings in the city.

Located near the Port of Constanta, the Romanian Navy Museum is housed in a building built in 1909. The exhibition base of the museum is very large and is organized chronologically, presenting the history of the military and commercial navy of our country, the evolution of navigation and means of navigation in the present territory between the Carpathians, the Danube and the Black Sea.

The Genovese lighthouse is located on the seafront, in the Casino area. It was built around the 1300s by the Genovese people who were trading in the port. Renovated in the period 1850 – 1860 by a French architect of Armenian origin. The Genovese Lighthouse is 8m high, has an octagonal shape, the upper part is covered by a metal dome. Its light was positioned almost 21 m above sea level and could be seen from almost 10 nautical miles. The Genovese Lighthouse operated until 1913, and since then it is a tourist attraction with which Constanta prides itself.

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