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34-55 seats

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1-3 seats

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21-33 seats

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9-20 seats

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4-8 seats

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4-8 seats


34-55 seats


9-20 seats


1-3 seats


21-33 seats


About us

Despre noi
Who are we?

Etalon Voyage is the brand name under which the transport activity of Etalon Security SRL is performed.

We carry out domestic and international people transportation since 2006 in conditions of comfort and complete safety.

The annual continuous development is based on a constant improvement of the staff's professional training, of the vehicles comfort, of the receptivity, operativity and flexibility in our relationship with the beneficiaries. ​

The attention we offer to customers at all stages of transportation is our advantage. Our purpose is to offer you a pleasant trip.

Anti-coronavirus measures

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we have taken several measures, from the very beginning:


- training the employees on airing the car, disinfecting the handles, the grab bars after each trip;


- disinfection of the seats and surfaces with Dettol disinfectant spray and cleaning the floor with Domestos at the end of each day;

- the disinfection of passengers' hands with biocidal gel when entering the car;


- drivers and passengers must wear protective masks;


- distance between passengers by low occupancy;


- the installation of partition screens;


- the use of nebulizer for disinfection.



What our clients say

The satisfaction of traveling with us





MEANS OF TRANSPORT of different capacities, new, comfortable, safe.

PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS, friendly, elegant, English speaking, with good knowledge of the routes.

We started our collaboration 3 years ago. We want it long lasting because the impressions have always been excellent.

Gabriela Necula



Str. Octavian Goga nr. 11, 106100, Sinaia, Romania

Misiune si valori


ETALON VOYAGE va pune la dispozitie autocare, microbuze, autoturisme cu sofer pentru transport intern si international.

Flota este formata din autovehicule in buna stare tehnica (verificate periodic) si estetica, avand urmatoarele dotari: scaune rabatabile cu centuri de siguranta, aer conditionat, incalzire stationara, sistem audio-video cu microfon pentru ghid, WI-FI si altele specifice fiecarei masini.

Avem in componenta flotei: autocare de 34-52 locuri, midibusuri de 21-33 locuri, microbuze de 9-20 locuri, vanuri de 4-8 locuri,autoturisme de 1-3 locuri, remorci de 0.75 - 2.5 tone.

Soferii au o bogata experienta, sunt atestati profesional, verificati periodic medical si psihologic, vorbitori ai unei limbi de circulatie internationala, civilizati, punctuali.

Va stam la dispozitie pentru:

  • circuite turistice

  • team-building-uri

  • transfer la/de la aeroport

  • tururi de oras

  • evenimente (conferinte, seminarii, concursuri sportive, concerte,petreceri, nunti)

  • deplasari de lucru

  • excursii scolare

Transport salariati
Inchiriere sofer
Procedura de rezervare

Trimiteti cererea pe mail sau intrati pe site-ul nostru la Rezervare on-line. Pentru detalii, sunati-ne la 0786 330 000.

In termen de maxim o zi lucratoare veti obtine oferta prin e-mail. In cazul in care nu ati primit oferta va rugam sa verficati in Spam sau sa ne sunati.

Cererea trebuie sa cuprinda : numarul de persoane, masina aleasa, traseul cat mai complet, numarul de zile, programul zilnic, numele si telefonul Dvs.

Disponibilitatea bus-ului si oferta de pret sunt valabile pana la un termen specficat in raspuns.

Rezervarea este bine sa se faca din timp, cu aproximativ 3 saptamani inainte in sezonul turistic si doua saptamini inainte in extra-sezon.

Dupa stabilirea detaliilor transportului (traseu, program, numar soferi, tarif) veti primi contractul si factura proforma. Rezervarea se face prin plata avansului, care constituie 30% din valoarea totala.

ETALON VOYAGE inchiriaza autovehicule doar cu sofer si nu vinde bilete pe nicio ruta.

Recomandari pe timpul transportului



ETALON VOYAGE offers buses, minibuses, chauffeur-driven cars for domestic and international transport.

The fleet consists of vehicles in good aesthetical and technical condition (periodically checked), having the following facilities: folding seats with seat belts, air conditioning, stationary heating, audio-video system with microphone for the Guide, WiFi and others, specific to each car.


Our fleet includes: buses with 34-52 seats, minibuses with 21-33 seats, minibuses with 9-20 seats, vans with 4-8 seats, cars of 1-3 seats, trailers of 0.75-2.5 tons.


The drivers have rich experience, they are professionally certified, periodically checked from the medical and psychological standpoints, they all speak a foreign language, they are civilized, punctual.​


We are at your disposal for:

tourist circuits


airport transfer

city tours

events (conferences, seminars, sports competitions, concerts, parties, weddings)

work trips

school trips

bikes transport with a professional trailer

transport for disabled persons in wheelchairs

Employees’ transport

We pay special attention to this segment of transport of employees to and from work.

We can ensure both the transport at fixed times but also adapted to the newly occurred needs, with the modification of the working schedule and the transport capacity.

Ensuring the transport of employees offers the benefit of their loyalty, providing them with civilized and safe conditions.


The driver rental service is based on safety and punctuality.

Our drivers have extensive experience, they have professional certificates, know the internal and international routes, are periodically medically and psychologically checked, they all speak a foreign language and they are civilized, punctual.

Useful information

Booking procedure

Please send your request by e-mail or enter our website under Online booking. For details, call us at 0786 330 000.

Within one working day you will get the offer by e-mail. If you have not received the offer, please check the Spam folder or call us.

The application must include: the number of people, the car chosen, the route as complete as possible, the number of days, the daily schedule, your name, phone and email.

Bus availability and price offers are valid until the deadline specified in the reply.


The reservation has to be sent 3 weeks in advance (in the high-season) and 2 weeks in advance in the low-season.


After determining the transport details (route, schedule, number of drivers, fare) you will receive the invoice.

The reservation shall be made by paying a deposit of at least 30% or by paying in full, as this option belongs to you.

In case of an advance payment, the payment difference shall be paid at least 5 days before the date of travel.

For trips that have the price shown, please specify this aspect.

Payments can be made:

- by bank transfer

- online by card

For swiftness, choose online payment by card. To do so, after you mention this and communicate the invoicing info, you will receive a link to make the payment, an advance deposit or in full, depending on your choice.

Recommendations during transport

Valid identity cards or passports are required for traveling abroad.

For your safety do not talk to the driver while he is driving.

Passengers must remain seated with seat belts fastened when the minibus/bus is moving, as there is a risk of injury if the driver changes speed, brakes or stops suddenly. Passengers using the wash cabin/toilet do so at their own risk.

The sanitary cabin shall be used only for real emergency cases, as the bus will stop at a predetermined interval.

The stops of ETALON VOYAGE vehicles shall be made only in specially arranged places, gas stations, parking lots.

The driver/drivers who drive minibuses/buses with more than 8 seats are required by law to observe driving and rest times according to EC Regulation 561/2006. These vehicles are limited to a maximum speed of 100 km/h according to the law.

We advise passengers not to bring food on board, which causes discomfort to other passengers. We also recommend not to bring hot drinks.

Light hand luggage (purses, bags) shall be stored overhead, bottles and heavy objects shall be stored only in the specially arranged place in the back of the seat or under the seat.

In the bus there are icons showing locations of the safety exits, extinguishers, hammers and the First Aid Kit.

During the bus stop outside the working hours, passengers shall not remain on the bus.

Valuables, money and travel documents shall not be left on the bus.

Pay attention to the stairs and the upper limit when getting on or off the bus.


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