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Slanic Prahova salt mine

Explore the largest salt mine in Europe in an incredible experience at 208 meters underground Salina Slanic Prahova.

Enjoy the purity of the air recommended for its therapeutic effects.

Visit the Salt Museum.

Time - 9 hours

Route București - Slanic Prahova – Bucuresti

Schedule – daily (Wednesday-Sunday); Monday and Tuesday  is closed

Pick-up time - 07:00 - 09:00

Pick-up location – any hotel/address from Bucharest

Professional guide available on request - English / Italian / Spanish / German / Hebrew / French

Tourist attraction: Unirea salt mine, Salt museum



1-3 seats


from 145€

per tour


20-30 seats


from 250€

per tour


4-8 seats


from 170€

per tour


33-51 seats



per tour


9-19 seats


from 220€

per tour


Adults............. 22,00 RON (5 euro)

Children ............................. 16,00 RON (3.5 euro)

Warning: warm clothes for the salt mine (12 grade C)



Entry ticket

Professional guide available on request  - English / Italian / Spanish / German / Hebrew / French


Time marks

Transfer Bucuresti - Slanic Prahova - 2 hours

 Visit Salt mine Unirea - 3-4 hours                                                                  

Lunch - 1 hour

Others stops - 30 minutes

Transfer Slanic Prahova – Bucuresti - 2 hours

Total time: aprox 9-10 hours

Reperele orare sunt aproximative și depind de trafic, dar și de timpul pe care îl alocați vizitelor, mesei sau altor opriri.

Visit program the salt mine

Monday-Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday- Friday: OPEN

08:00 first underground transport

14:30 last ransport to underground

15:30 last transport from underground

Saturday-Sunday: OPEN

09:00 first transport to underground

15:30 last  transport to underground

16:30 last transport from underground


Slanic Prahova is a spa resort for all seasons, famous for its healing mineral waters. Unirea Salt Mine is the main attraction of the resort, one of the largest in Europe and famous for its healing effects.

The temperature inside the salt mine is constant all year round, at 12 degrees C, the radioactivity is at the detection limit, the atmospheric pressure is 18 mmHg higher than that of the surface, and the concentration of natural salt aerosols, the lack of allergenic agents create a special micro-climate that is a natural way of treating respiratory diseases.

Inside the Salt Mine, the atmosphere is amazing, one can find a small History Museum, a football field and a children's playground. The place is also used for various sporting events (athletic competitions and as a training field for sports teams), a sanatorium for the elderly and sick or as a place for contemplation and meditation. The Salt Museum is the place where you can learn about the history of salt exploitation and its biological importance.

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